Uttarakhand budget department

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Budget contains rules framed by the Finance Department for the guidance of estimating officers and departments of the Secretariat in regard to the budget procedure in general and in particular to the preparation and examination of the annual budget estimates and the subsequent control over expenditure to ensure that it is kept within the authorised grants or appropriations.

Preparation of the budget estimates and their transmissision to the Finance Departments- Under the rules made by the Governor for the convenient transaction of the business of the State Government and the instructions issued there under, the Finance Department is responsible for the preparation of the annual budget. The budget is prepared on the basis of the material furnished by the departmental officers and the administrative departments of the Secretariat. The Heads of Departments (Controlling officer) and other estimating officers prepare the estimates (Receipt & Expenditure) for each head of account with which they are concerned and forward these to the Finance Department through the Accountant General in the case of estimates under any revenue heads and also to the appropriate departments of the Secretariat latest by 31st October.
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