Financial Handbook -Vol III


Issued by authority of the Government of Uttar Pradesh

Volume III

Travelling Allowance Rules

Fourth Edition (Revised) (Corrected up to March 31, 1986)






THIS volume contains the travelling allowance rules of the United Provinces Government. The volume was first issued in 1924. It was reprinted in 1930, 1932 and 1935. A second edition of the volume is now being issued. General arrangement of the volume has not been disturbed and the numbering of the existing rules has been retained. Adaptations have, however, been made to incorporate the changes due to the introduction of Provincial autonomy and several new appendices have been added for the same reason. Besides the changes due to constitutional reforms, ordinary corrections issued up to October 31, 1939, have also been incorporated and the rules brought up to date.

2. The rules in this volume have been framed by the authorities mentioned below in exercise of the powers vested in them by statutory or other rules:

(1) By the Provincial Government in exercise of the power conferred upon them by Fundamental Rule 44 and since the commencement of the Government of India Act, 1935, by section 241 (2) (b) read with section 247 (1) (b) of that Act and the Travelling Allowances (Secretary of State’s Officers) Rules, 1939 (see Appendix I), framed by that authority under the latter section in respect of persons to whom those rules apply.

(2) By the Provincial Government in exercise of their general powers to regulate the travelling allowance of the Hon’ble Ministers, the Hon’ble Speaker of the United Provinces Legislative Assembly, the Hon’ble President of the United Provinces Legislative Council, the Parliamentary Secretaries to the Hon’ble Ministers and persons not in the service of the Crown who are required by the Government to undertake journeys in connection with the transaction of Government business. (See Appendices VII-B and VII-E and Chapter V.)

(3) By His Majesty by order in Council or by the Secretary of State in respect of His Excellency the Governor and the Hon’ble Judges of the High Court see Appendices VII-A and VII-C.

(4) By the Provincial Government in exercise of the powers conferred upon them by sections 2, 3 and 5 of the United Provinces Legislative Chambers (Members’ Emoluments) Act, 1938, in respect of members of the Legislature see Appendix VII-D.

(5) By the Governor in his individual judgment under paragraph 25 of the Government of India (High Court Judges) Order, 1937, in respect of the Judges of the High Court appointed on or after April 1, 1937, and the Chief Judge and other Judges of the Chief Court appointed on or after that date-see subsection II of section A of Appendix VII-C.

3. No additions to or amendments of the rules may be made without the previous approval or sanction of the competent authorities mentioned in the preceding paragraph. Particular care should be taken to see whether any proposed rule or amendment requires the previous approval of the Secretary of State under the Travelling Allowances (Secretary of State’s Officers) Rules, 1939, referred to in paragraph 2(1) above.

4. Any omissions or inaccuracies that may be noticed in the volume may be brought to the notice of the Finance Secretary to Government.



October 31, 1939 Secretary to Government,

Finance Department.



In this edition of the volume, which is being issued after the second (reprint) edition corrected up to August 31, 1945, all corrections issued up to June 30, 1969, have been incorporated and the rules brought up to date. Amendments arising out of Government orders issued for time to time relating to controlling officers in respect of travelling allowance bills, revised rates of travelling allowance introduced on the recommendations of the U. P. Pay Rationalisation Committee, etc., have also been included. Adaptations due to constitutional changes, metric conversions and substitution of obsolete words, nomenclatures, designations, etc., where necessary, have been made.

2. Many changes have been made in the appendices. The reproduction in this volume of certain rules as contained in the old appendices VII-A, VII-B, VII-C, VII-D, VII-E, XI and XII has not been considered necessary and these have therefore been omitted. The annexure to chapter II, in the last edition, has been converted into Appendix V and, simultaneously, brought up to date showing the tables of distances not only from the collectors’ offices to the railway stations but also from the collectors’ offices to the bus stations. Certain important Government orders which did not find place in the earlier edition have been included in the new appendices V-A, XIII and XIV. Appendices I-A and IX have also been completely revised.

3. It is requested that any errors or omissions which may be found in this volume may be brought to the notice of the Finance Secretary to Government.



July 1, 1969 Commissioner and Secretary to Government,

Finance Department.


The third Edition of this Financial Hand Book published in 1969 had become outdated. The present Edition includes all the corrections and changes made upto March 31, 1986. In this Edition certain new rules have been added and some new terms like daily allowance, mileage allowance, transfer etc., which had not been defined earlier, have now been defined Certain outdated expressions like hackney carriage, machines for public air transport companies plying for hire etc. have been deleted. Other rules, which in the present context are not necessary, have also been deleted. Government does not now move to the hills during the summer season and, therefore, no head of department is allowed recess in the hills. Hence, such rules regarding recess do not find place in the new Edition. Similarly, many changes have been made in the Appendices. It is hoped that the new Edition, which contains extensive changes would prove useful to all government servants.



May 13, 1986

Secretary to Government,

Finance Department.


Chapter I Definitions. 1—11-B
Chapter II General Rules  
  General Principles. 12—14
  Travel by alternative routes. 14-A
  Classification of government servants. 15—19
  Travelling allowance to private persons and part-time government servants. 20
  Travelling allowance to witnesses. 20-A
  Travelling allowance to honorary munsifs, etc. and private individuals. 21-21-A
  Travelling allowance to lekhpals and patwaris. 21-B
  Travelling allowance to daily wage earners. 21-C
Chapter III Rules for ordinary journeys  
  Kinds of travelling allowance. 22
  Mileage allowance for travel by rail including airconditioned coach. 23(A)—23(AA)
  Reimbursement of charges for reservation/cancellation of berth and/or seat. 23(AAA)
  Mileage allowance for travel by road. 23(B)
  Mileage allowance for travel by air. 23(BB)
  Rates and conditions regulating the grant of daily allowance. 23(C)—26
  Allowances admissible for different journeys and absences, including night halt. 27(A)—27(CC)
  Halt during absence from headquarters on tour and also during training period. 27(D)
  Journey by motor car, motor truck, motor carrier or jeep car. 29
  Journey in a Government aeroplane. 29-A
  Transportation of conveyance. 34—34-A
  Travelling allowance to government servants holding two posts. 36
  Journey by special means of conveyance. 37
  Permanent monthly allowance. 38—41
Chapter IV Rules regarding special journeys  
  Travelling allowance on transfer. 42—43
  Travelling allowance on temporary transfer. Note (21) below rule 42
  Travelling allowance to join first appointment 45
  Travelling allowance to attend examinations. 46—46-B
  Travelling allowance for journeys occasioned by leave. 51 and 56
  Travelling allowance for journeys during suspension or to give evidence. 59—59-B
  Travelling allowance for journeys for obtaining medical advice or to accompany a sick government servant. 60—63
  Travelling allowance for journeys on a course of training. 64—64A
  Travelling allowance for journeys to receive decorations, etc. 65
  Travelling allowance for journeys to attend meeting, conferences in India. 65-C and 65-CC
  Travelling allowance to non-gazetted members of Government Railway Police. 65-D—65-E
  Travelling allowance for journeys for work connected with elections. 65-F—65FF
  Travelling allowance to Police Officers for appearance in Court. 65-G
  Travelling allowance to Provincial Armed Constabulary personnel below the rank of sub-inspector. 65-H—65-J
Chapter V Special rules for high officials  
  Rules for the members of the Secretariat and the personal staff of the Governor for recess. 66
Chapter VI Travelling allowance on death or retirement. 81-A—81-B
Chapter VII Conveyance allowances. 82—87
Chapter VIII Rules of procedure. 88—91


Appendix no. Subject
I The All-India Services (Travelling Allowance) Rules, 1954
II List of government servants who are either not entitled to daily allowance or mileage allowance for journeys by road at all or are entitled only in special circumstances.
III List of government servants exempted from the operation of rule 27(D) (i) regarding the inadmissibility of daily allowance in respect of a continuous halt of more than ten days.
IV Lists of posts in which the possession of a conveyance is advantageous for the efficiency of the government servants holding them.
V Table of distances from the collector’s office to the railway station and/or bus station.
VI Orders regulating the grant of special travelling allowance to the personal staff and the secretarial, ministerial and inferior staff of the Governor during the summer recess.
VII Rules regulating the grant of travelling allowance to government servants and others for journeys performed in connection with a course of training.
VII-A Rules regarding the Residential Training Programmes.
VIII List of conveyance allowances.
IX Authorities declared to be controlling officers for the purpose of travelling allowance.
X List of delegations made under the travelling allowance rules.
XI Government orders regarding the submission of agreement bond for grant of travel expenses in case of death of government servant while in service.
XII List of some of the permanent monthly allowances.
XIII Government order regarding the revision of road mileage allowance.
XIV Government orders regarding the admissibility of travelling allowance and road mileage allowance.